‘Hmmmmm… what should I choose?’

The beauty of Amorino is just that… you can choose them all!

I took this picture in Amorino ice cream parlour (Nantes), one of our favourite summer haunts (originated in Paris and now to my absolute delight open in Soho and Chelsea, London). Like the petite fille in the photograph, I am one of those who finds it extremely difficult when it comes to ordering, irritatingly ‘mmmmm’-ing and ‘errrrr’-ing whilst the waiter tries not to hit me over the back of the head with his pad. However, there is nothing worse than the terrible state of being that is food envy; not-so-subtley eyeing up your neighbour’s dish whilst casually pushing your inferior choice around the plate.

The beauty of this completely organic and natural ice cream place is that in fact you do not need to choose. You simply order your cone size and fill it with as many flavours as take your fancy, whether it be focusing on your personal favourite, experimenting with a couple of contrasting flavours, or indulging in un petit peu de tout (a little bit of everything). Though if you give it a try there are a few star products that you must not miss out on. The first is that unique product about which I wrote in my last entry… Speculoos. This may seem an odd choice for an ice cream flavour, but it is surely ‘a pure delight in every spoonful’; the smooth and creamy texture contrasting the strong flavours of caramelised sugar cane, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Looks may be deceiving when it comes to the next flavour of choice… when selecting a chocolate ice cream, I always assume that the darker it is, the more bitter it becomes. However this is not the case with Ecuadorian Chocolate. 70% chocolate, this flavour is in fact lighter in colour than the other milder chocolate flavours Amorino offers. Third and final favourite is one originated from Gianduja in North Italy- l’inimitable. Which is just that- incomparable! Thick, rich, chocolatey, hazlenutty- unique!

Amorino translates as ‘cupid’… very fitting with both their philosophy of passion for pleasure and flavour, and for its ability to tantalise the taste buds… you will fall in love with ice cream all over again.