Yorkshire born and bred, I am just about as English as you can get. However, I am fascinated by foreign cultures, particularly by the French and Spanish speaking worlds, and especially the culinary delights that these worlds have to offer. The name como manger (I eat to eat/how to eat) is a blend of Spanish and French, with which I will punctuate my writing where I feel appropriate…however I will ensure that there is always a translation!

These entries are a more creative outlet for my constant expression of my appreciation of food, more than often in the form of the Crossley catchphrase “mmmm SO good…”

It must be noted that, for me, a significant part of this enjoyment is without a doubt the ‘experience’ of eating… whether it be a particularly quaint location, an unusual experience, or just something small that adds to the pleasure of la vie quotidienne (everyday life).

I would also like to highlight that I am in no way attempting to resemble a food critic. I will only write about the food I enjoy- if I don’t enjoy it, it won’t feature- c’est simple!

Having spent a year in France and Spain as part of my languages degree at Bath University, and soon to embark on a self-structured food tour to visit these worlds in more depth, I have decided to start my tasting journey in the present and explore what my homeland of England has to offer.

All that is left to say is bon appetit…que aproveche…enjoy…