mojitos in jam jars- vintage!

In June 2009 tres chicas inglesas (three English girls) set off on an adventure to the land of cigars, vintage cars and mojitos…unmistakably Cuba! Yesterday evening these same three girls met up again over a mojito for old times’ sake. Though the setting could not have been more different… sun, sea and sand were replaced with armchairs, a vintage jewellery cabinet bar and wall hangings.

The location: OPiUM, Bath… the drink: mojitos with a twist!

We were given the choice of strawberry, blueberry or the house mojito of elderflower. As previously mentioned not being the best decision maker, we chose to have all three and rotate!

The very cheery barman whipped up our drinks on the glass cabinet crammed with vintage jewellery, postcards and knick knacks. Adding even more to the individuality of the evening, our drinks were not served in standard glasses, but rather in jam jars! Excellent!

So off we went, mojitos in tow, and rotated the variety of flavours whilst we chatted in the very relaxed yet sophisticated ambience.

passing round the jam jar mojitos

Though essentially the same drink, the variation in taste was remarkable. Blueberry came in third place, being very refreshing but a little harder to drink. Strawberry was divine, definitely the choice for the sweet tooth, though possibly a little too sugary for some. The winner was the house mojito Elderflower… a very subtle flavour, like its essence, however the perfect balance between sweet and refreshing. Though I may have been influenced by the fact that Elderflower is one of my all time favourite flavours… try yourself at Opium … best mojitos in Bath sin duda (without a doubt)!