Those of you who keep up to date with food retail news may have seen Baileys recent brand health check… despite being a much loved brand and one of the drink industry’s biggest innovation successes in memory, this Irish cream-liqueur is currently fighting to retain consumer interest.

This surprised me, as this Christmas I rediscovered my love for this quintessentially festive drink and over the holidays a nightcap of Baileys became a ritual of mine. There is nothing better than settling down with a book, a film or friends and sipping away at this creamy and warming luxury.

Adding to the charm, I found a new way to drink it. I have always had a fixation with quaint espresso mugs. Due to my lack of appreciation for espresso coffee, I have always felt as though I have missed out on the experience of drinking out of these delightful vessels. Therefore I combined two obsessions and recently my Baileys with two ice cubes has been sipped out of a variety of Emma Bridgewater espresso mugs… what is more charming than that??

The espresso cup: a true art form

So for me, Baileys is not losing its charm- it always has been, and always will be, an essential part of Christmas. Yet this is part of the problem, as the rest of the year sees the bottle pushed to the back of the drinks cabinet. Baileys is just as tasty all year round and never fails to make you feel good. So why not treat yourself- get it back out of the cabinet, brush off the dust and give the Irish cream some love… After all Baileys is for life, not just for Christmas…