The life of a student can often seem like the busiest, most stressful lifestyle there is… I was having one of these days a few days ago. However all was solved by Yak Yeti Yak, a Nepalese restaurant in Bath.

On treading down the wooden painted stairs off one of the city’s busiest roads, you find yourself in a completely different and hidden world… The hustle and bustle of everyday life makes way for this tranquil restaurant with plenty of charm. Relaxing music and aromas of burning incense mixed with Nepalese cooking are complimented by the traditional decoration, including seating with low tables and floor cushions. Though taking a bit of time to get comfy (even for my half Japanese friend), this idea was very quaint and added a lot to the experience.

This exotic experience extended to the authentic cuisine- split black lentils cooked with spices and Himalayan herbs, slow cooked pork with spinach and coriander, and stir fried marinated beef. Though the meat dishes could have used a bit more sauce, they were beautifully cooked with subtle, fragrant flavours. I also ordered Chiyaa tea as an accompaniment which was more appropriate for a dessert- sweet and frothy and yummy!

Not only did I really enjoy the food but I appreciated the importance of taking a bit of time out from time to time to put a perspective on my apparently ‘hectic’ life… I’m only a student after all…

Who needs a holiday when there are places like this on your doorstep?!