I live with seven other girls and, being students with a lot of work on and varied interests, it is extremely difficult to get all of us together in one room. The solution is our Sunday house meal when we cook up a feast and catch up on our busy weeks. Living in such a big house, there is bound to be some variety in cooking preferences. Furthermore, Bath University is very international and amongst my housemates alone we have four nationalities and have lived in ten countries, ranging from Europe, to Latin America, to the Middle East! This provides opportunity to taste exotic flavours from all around the world, without leaving the comfort of our own home.

Our most international housemate, Caroline, was born in Sweden, summers in France, has studied in England, Singapore and Brussels, yet lives in Dubai. But last Sunday she chose to whip up a classic from her Swedish origins: meatballs! Sticky, meaty and extremely tasty with hints of paprika, they went down very well! In keeping with the theme, they were served in the typically Swedish way with boiled potatoes, cream sauce and lingonberry jam. Lingonberries, similar to cranberries, grow in the forest areas of Sweden and are a staple food in Scandanavian cuisine. This relish perfectly complements the meaty dish, adding a hint of fruitiness!

If you don’t want the hassle or sticky fingers that making this dish yourself involves, IKEA is the answer. Bizarre the idea of buying food from a furniture warehouse may be, but you can’t get more Swedish than IKEA!