On holiday in Mexico (see previous post) and venturing a bit further inland to Valledolid, we stopped at an authentic Mexican restaurant with traditional Yucatán (a south-eastern area of Mexico) dishes. We had been looking for these hearty recommendations all holiday so we were very pleased to find sopa de lima (lime soup) and poc chuc (charcoal grilled pork). What was even better was that it was whipped up before our eyes by our amigo (our waiter but in Mexico everyone calls themselves your ‘friend’!) This was a nice surprise as, in addition to knowing how fresh the food was, it provided perfect opportunity for me to jot down the recipes in my notebook. Y aquí están (here you are):

Sopa de Lima– boned chicken chopped in strips, slow cooked with coriander, onions, herbs, spices, sweet local limes and served with strips of dry tortillas for extra crunch! This soup is tangy and refreshing but also very hearty; I will definitely be brewing this up back at home!

Poc Chuc– pork marinated in juice of naranja agria (small, bitter oranges) cooked with onions, herbs and garlic. The contrasting sweet and savoury flavours made for an interesting take on a simple meat.

Pechuga del Marques– flattened chicken breast marinated with lemon and ‘Mayan and English sauce’ (he didn’t elaborate- must be the secret ingredient!) added to chopped onions and fried. Add brandy to flambé then place on a bed of chaya (local equivalent of spinach), onions and crispy bacon pieces adding an extra crunch!

All were wonderful and hearty leaving us happy and satisfied with having tried authentic Mexican food rather than just fajitas and tacos. Again, a new idea of what Mexican food really is… it seems my vision has been altered considerably over the past month, most definitely for the better!