When eating out together in an Italian restaurant, it has become a tradition in our family to order one Tiramisu with ‘four spoons please!’ When recently in Mexico I ordered a tiramisu and to our delight our waiter brought us four spoons without even being prompted, meaning our little ritual has travelled across the world with us. When I first left the nest for university I remember receiving a text from my dad reading ‘we’re having Tiramisu and we miss our fourth spoon,’ making me very nostalgic. I think that it is very important to have little quirky ways to make your eating experience in family that bit more special…I am in no way restricting family to the obvious… I am referring to any group of people with a special bond… for example the Sunday dinners between my housemates, or going for Hot Chocolate with my friend Pia, or dunking chocolate digestives in tea with my housemate Sophie… In this way, you create individual rituals that will always make you think of these special people. Wherever in the world I am, at whatever point in my life, and I have Tiramisu or choccie digestives dipped in tea, I will undoubtedly think of those who have added a little bit of pleasure to my everyday life… try and discover your own… after all, it’s the small things that count!