This weekend, to eat away exam stress and to celebrate the sun’s very welcome guest appearance, my friends and I decided to venture into the Saturday morning Farmer’s market in Bath. In addition to the airy and majestic setting of an old railway station, the extent of local produce on offer provided a colourful and traditional market scene. So off I wandered in search for dinner…

The chosen meat was sausages. However with such an extensive variety, I had to taste each one twice just to make my mind up. What makes the market experience special is that it brings complete strangers together for a few brief minutes, before moving on with our separate lives, unlikely to meet again. For example, I freely discussed flavours and shared my tasting experience with an old lady, both agreeing on the difficulty of choice…boeuf bourguignon, garlic and mushroom, chicken curry, the Toulouse and the Russian. I opted for the latter two- the Toulouse being made from belly pork with white wine, white pepper and garlic, whereas the Russian consisted of pork shoulder with dill, caraway and garlic, forming an Eastern European flavour, hence the name!

After considerable time spent on the main event, onwards I wandered to find some open cup mushrooms for accompaniment (fried on a low heat in butter and salt providing a melting flavourful compliment to the sausages.)

For the final touch of pudding we stopped by the fudge stall where we I picked up a trial product of ‘Fudge Dust’. As the name suggests, this consists of a pot of finely ground fudge pieces, which, when heated in a pan with a knob of butter and milk, transforms into a sweet yet surprisingly light sauce.

With my usual haunt of Sainsbury’s just to the side, going back to the local producer made a nice and quaint change to food shopping, especially knowing how fresh and local the produce was. Followed by a cup of coffee in the square outside the Parisian Jazz Café, accompanied by the sunshine, a delightful accordion player and the hustle and bustle of the neighbouring flower stall and cafés, this provided a very Parisian experience indeed.