Rebecca and Nancy cooking up a storm

On arriving back in Bath to our new house, I popped in next door to the opening of a family run kitchen/restaurant/take away.

A quirky yet traditional concept, this venture consists of one room with a few wooden tables and a big open kitchen where the extremely friendly staff cook in front of your eyes. The idea is that every morning the cooks (two friends Rebecca and Nancy) decide from their diverse menu and depending on the availability of ingredients or on their mood, they cook up one dish available for lunches in the cosy dining area. They are also a ‘posh takeaway’, cooking delicious homemade meals which you take away and heat up in the comfort of your own home.

‘hello in there’

So, after almost a whole year of trying to organise a date, a few days ago we finally took a house trip next door to celebrate finishing our degrees and the end of a very happy era. Being a house of eight girls, plus our honorary housemate who had just received a first for her architecture degree, we took up the majority of the wooden tables, making for an exclusive dining experience.

After a very warm welcome, we were served up with an absolute feast. Spring roast chicken was the main: chicken pieces perfectly crisped with onions, bacon and crushed Jersey Royals with sweet peas, topped with a gravy-like buttery sauce of white wine, onions, and a dash of chilli, salt and pepper. Topped off with a side salad of sun blush tomatoes, mozzarella, and toasted pine nuts; portions were plentiful! This was followed by a divine homemade chocolate orange ice cream with a moussey consistency.

I can honestly say that this is one of the best all round eating experiences I have had thanks to the exquisite food and relaxed and welcoming environment (and extremely reasonably prices!). Home cooking at its best! In fact it was so perfect that I have just been in to book it again, requesting exactly the same meal, for my graduation. With so many wonderful places to eat in Bath, this should definitely not be overlooked and is well worth the trip up the hill to St James’s Square.

A celebratory gathering

Check out their website to see what they are cooking daily