Knowing that I spent a year living in France, the cheese capital of the world, people find the fact that I don’t like cheese bizarre. I have no idea, I absolutely love cream and when I see people cutting gooey cheese my mouth always waters, but for some reason there has always been something holding me back. However peu à peu (little by little) I have begun to dabble in a few varieties. During a réunion of our Nantes girls in London, after a very French-style leisurely meal cooked by Mama Watt, I decided that I fancied a taste of goat’s cheese. But only a ‘petit petit peu’… and a bit more… and some more…et voilà, I was converted!

So, as a novice, I went to Sainsbury’s and actually had to ask my friends where the cheese aisle was… Usually foreign territory, I was completely overwhelmed with the variety- goat’s cheese, blue cheese, cheese from France, local cheese, Sainsbury’s own label cheese… I spent a good couple of minutes staring blankly (and most probably appearing very peculiar to other shoppers) not knowing where to start…

I have now come to realise that the statement ‘I don’t like cheese’ is extremely sweeping due to the extensive variety in taste and texture. Now goat’s cheese is a regular item in my shopping basket and I am eager to discover many more favourites.

So there we go, now I am fully prepared for my food tour! After all, it would be complètement folle (crazy) to embark on a food tour of France without liking its most prestigious food variety! Fromageries (Cheese shops), fondue, raclette… get me there now! How can I have been missing out on this baffling world?!