My brother lurking to be the first to pick his roasties!

Sunday roast: my favourite meal of all time and an absolute must for Sundays chez nous (at home). When it comes to awards for the best roast, my mum’s side of the family has a lot to offer! The Crossleys, The Duckworths and The Tickles… a bizarre amalgamation of family names…

My Auntie’s nickname of ‘two potato Tickle’ has risen from an incident from her and my mum’s teenage years when she would leave two roast potatoes until the end to mash them up with her gravy. My Uncle Tony (Tickle), always the joker, came up with the name ‘Two potato Tickle’ which has definitely stuck, whether my Auntie approves or not. However, this name is misleading as two is never enough in our family dinners… Roast potatoes are the absolute highlight with full blown family arguments having sprouted from who gets to choose their potatoes first! Shameful this may be, but to this day manners fail me when the crispiest most golden potato is at stake!

Every family has their own twist on the simple roast potato, with each believing theirs to be the best… I still claim ours to be the best… made with goose fat and Maris Piper’s.

I must add that one of my favourite things in life is this last mouthful from which ‘Two Potato Tickle’ was born. The smallest and crispiest roastie with bits of everything else piled up and swimming in a spoon of gravy… nothing else better describes heaven on a spoon!