… when it comes to her brownie recipes!

When entering the quaint Yorkshire cottage of my friend Charlie, you are bound to be greeted firstly by his adorable Springer Spaniel presenting you with her choice of shoe, shortly followed by the unmistakable aroma of his mummy’s baking. Sue’s best-known treat amongst our friends (and I’m sure in the local area) are her chocolate brownies.

‘Naughty Noo’ being pampered as usual…

I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to these chocolaty desserts. However, ordering a brownie is not as simple as it may first seem. The variety of delicacies you can be faced with under this umbrella term of ‘the brownie’ is overwhelming… from the dense and fudgy brownies to crumbly cakey brownies; with ingredients varying from chocolate chunks, to fruit pieces, to many a type of nut.

My favourite have to be those which are crunchy on top but gooey and moist in the middle: so not too heavy and rich but slightly spongy. Sprinkled with a dash of icing sugar and voila: the best brownies in the world! This is the type that Charlie’s mum bakes. I am afraid that I cannot point you in the direction of these drops of heaven (secret family recipe and all…) but take my word for it, they are GOOD!

Otherwise the best brownies I have tasted are from easily one of my favourite places in Bath: Chandos Deli (full post to follow). They’re dense, they’re packed with cranberries and they are most importantly of all chocolaty… divinely chocolaty! What are your favourites?

A beautiful car, a beautiful cottage…