As a little appetizer for my next post about all things English cuisine has to be proud of! This perfect Yorkshire pud certainly appears to be from a trialed and tested recipe. Yummy!


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I do love Yorkshire puddings.  I have made them in many different sizes and filled them not just with roast beef but also with many things such as sausages, jam and golden syrup.  This is how I have been making them since my early twenties, which is a distance memory now!  Each time I have been treated to the most glorious Yorkshire puds.  Admittedly, there are occasions where they are slightly bigger than others and I put that down to the eggs.  I buy some lovely local free range eggs, which do not get graded in size.  Either way these Yorkshire puddings taste so delicious and I just cannot understand why people would choose to buy them ready made, when they work out so well.  Please give this recipe a go and do follow each step, to make sure that you get glorious puts too!

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