On hearing that I was cooking lavender chicken for dinner, apparently my friends conjured up images of chicken in potpourri, or something just as awful: Nice to hear that they have faith in my culinary skills!

This dish was in fact a light and crispy-yet-sticky chicken marinated in lavender, lemon, thyme and honey; and it was just delightful! I followed the recipe from Rachel Khoo’s ‘My Little Paris Kitchen’ (an English girl living and cooking in Paris with a restaurant for two in her tiny home: so quaint!). The recipe is definitely worth a try as it is so easy to prepare yet so tasty (and you can impress your friends with its unusual nature). Cooking with wild fragrant flowers is all the rage at the moment so go gather some lavender and get involved! (from a lavender farm such is this one below, or from your own garden!)

The recipe can be found following the link below, however a few extra hints from me are:

–          Don’t overdo it on the lavender: when she says a little goes a long way, she means it! I used lavender from my garden and it worked perfectly well.

–          Lavender honey was unsurprisingly difficult to come across, so I used wild flower honey as a substitute.

–          When cooking do make sure you keep an eye on the chicken as it browns very quickly- ensure to turn to get crispiness on all sides.

Ensure to season the jus well as it really alters the flavour and makes it much less sickly sweet.


Despite initial doubts from the critics (my friends), it went down very well indeed! Parfait!