So, my time in Bath has come to an end and another chapter in my life is over. There is many a thing that I will miss about this golden city: not only my friends from all over the world, but more so (as I know I will congregate elsewhere with those I have met) the exquisite Georgian buildings that host some of the friendliest and cosy cafés, eateries and bars England has to offer.

The Golden City in all it’s Glory (

I will most certainly be back, and here are a few highlights that I will somehow manage to pack in to each weekend visit:

Chandos Deli: How I have not already featured this momentous part of my time in Bath is beyond me. Conveniently situated on my morning walk to lectures, stopping off here has become a ritual and no longer having it in my daily life is rather sad. The wide range of foods including award-winning sandwiches, coffee, fresh bread, patisserie and fine wines to name a few are frequently available for tasters; and the knowledgeable staff are extremely friendly and accommodating, always with smiles on their faces and the majority of them knowing my regular order of ‘hot chocolate with extra chocolate flakes on top.’ Frothy and creamy, yet as chocolaty as can be (non of this watery milky substance that pretends to be hot chocolate), this is without a doubt the best hot chocolate I have tasted, which is saying rather a lot as I drink it everywhere I go! The Chandos brownie and lemon polenta cake are also musts as accompaniments!

mojitos in jam jars: vintage!

Opium Bar: This was a favourite Thursday night haunt for final year students sipping cocktails attempting to be sophisticated before stumbling over the alleyway to the less sophisticated, but host to many happy memories: Kitsch! The vintage decor creates a perfect ambiance for catching up with friends and enjoying exotic-flavoured mojitos, previously featured:

Same, Same But Different: A tiny relaxed café, always bustling and full of Latino character. Having frequently taken coffee and yummy breakfasts here, my friend Pia and I decided to see if they could keep their standards up through to the evening. And, to put it simply, yes they did. First we shared a few tapas, including the thinnest but tastiest fried calamari imaginable. Following this was slow cooked pork on a parmesan and sweet potato risotto: simply divine! We couldn’t resist finishing off with warm chocolate brownie and ice cream. Left very much to enjoy the intimate home-from-home ambiance, we took our time and felt extremely at ease. So there you have it: perfect for all occasions breakfast, coffee, lunch and dinner!

Cavendish Cooks: How lucky we were to have this eatery on our doorstep (literally: it was next door!) With their friendly neighbourly smiles and the daily scent of whatever was brewing up in the kitchen wafting through our front door, these cooks will be sorely missed. Definitely worth the little walk out of the town centre, you can also pick up delicious home-made takeaways. Here is my earlier review:

Hall and Woodhouse has punctuated our final year at university: from tea and cake in the potting shed, to delicious hearty and homemade fish finger sandwiches in the common room, to special occasion dinners in the restaurant, to a glass of wine on the Mediterranean-feel roof terrace with a view of Bath’s rooftops. This adventurous enterprise manages to use the vast space to its advantage, creating cosy individual areas and escaping the canteen-like atmosphere that big spaces often create. Perfect for every occasion!

Society Café:  This airy corner café has only recently opened, therefore I fear that the majority of my fellow graduates have not had the opportunity to visit, but anyone still in Bath should definitely get on the band wagon! Here’s my previous rave about the chic and friendly haunt:

There are many more places I have absolutely loved, but these are a few gems in a haystack of golden glory!

So, ta ta for now, Bath: it’s been a pleasure!

Ta ta for now Bath, we’re off on a food tour!