… the entourage of ComoManger’s Food Tour!

So, my bags are packed and I’m ready to travel the beaten track in to the culinary wilderness of Andalucía. However, I shall not be travelling alone: staying with various international friendly faces on the way along with an interesting little amalgamation of characters…

Introducing the ComoManger Entourage:

A Taste of What’s to Come
  • Alex Crossley (myself): A self-declared food enthusiast, I like to punctuate my life with tasty treats and outbursts of song. I have been planning this tour for months, gathering advice and recommendations from friends, family and strangers, magazines and books. The fact that lift-off is on the horizon is therefore extremely exciting! The world of food retail has fascinated me from an early age, and I am looking forward to gaining some valuable experience and discovering many more favourite places and dishes.
  • Gala Macdonald Polanco: My crazy, curly-haired friend! Having lived together in Spain in the same room for 3 months last year without a single cross word, this set up provides great standing for the  tour ahead. With a mutual love for food, crazy dancing and both being a little bit weird in our own way, it’s a great match. Gala was very giddy when a few months back I popped the question ‘so, do you fancy joining me on my tour?’ Though to be honest, it isn’t exactly an unappealing proposition is it! Since then, it’s been nonstop pining for the culinary trail. Always full of life and ready to grab any opportunity, I couldn’t think of a better companion for the road!
The Elephant

The Elephant: A wonderful concept, two cracking chaps, one very handy bag! ElephantBranded is the business venture of two Bath boys, James Boon and Tim Mendelssohn. With the one for one idea, purchasing one of these trendy bags (made by local people from recycled local materials) gives a school bag stuffed full with goodies to a child who really needs it. Very ethical, but also very practical: perfect size for all airline hand luggage, lightweight and very sturdy, the ‘Elephant’ will be escorting me on my way and carting home all of my market buys!

I love mine, get yours at www.elephantbranded.com

Monkey ready for an adventure!

Monkey: Yes, the PG Tips Monkey! This fine little fellow is already very cultured as he travelled France with me last year. Look out for him, he has a tendency to crop up in scenic photographs, adding a bit of extra charm!


… where it all begins; and what a place to start…

From the mountains and hills rolling down to the seaside, with influences from the Romans to the North African Moors; this region offers a colourful blend of flavours and tasting opportunities that I am eager to explore, from top to bottom.

And at the bottom we really are starting: in the southernmost town in Spain, Tarifa! Last year we were lucky enough to stumble upon this gem which will be our base for a few weeks whilst exploring the local area (packing in a trip to Morocco with some locals). Then it’s off all aboard meandering our way up on a tapas trail through Spain, onwards to discover the mysteries of the Basque country, hopping over the border to explore the culturally rich cities and picturesque villages of France: the culinary heart of Europe, the land that I love. Oh the possibilities…the world is our oyster and I already have itchy feet!

Meanwhile, although this food tour is self-constructed, it is not possible without some friendly advice. So whether you are local or have visited somewhere with that ‘je ne sais quoi’ or even if you spot an article to forward to me, I would love you to share your experiences (be you friend, acquaintance, family or stranger!) To keep updated and to give some advice please ‘like’ our facebook page: www.facebook.com/Comomanger

Otherwise, see you en route, and I guess all that is left to say is ‘bon appétit… buen provecho… ENJOY!’

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