My half Spanish friend Gala and I spent the summer of 2011 in Tarifa, the windiest town in Europe. We were fortunate enough to form amistades (friendships) with the local tarifenos and decided to pay them a visit this January. In true Spanish style, we were very warmly welcomed into the house of a friend of a friend… of a friend, a Chikum teacher whom they call ‘the hippy’. Not only did he make us feel como en casa (at home) in his tranquil setting, but he made us a delicious organic dinner of sweet potato soup with toasted seeds. Being an avid meat eater, the vegetarian life has always baffled me, however this vida tranquila I could definitely get used to!

The highlight of this super healthy lifestyle was without a doubt the morning pick-me-up of freshly squeezed orange juice. Juan owns a campo de naranjas (orange field) in Málaga. Gala and I very kindly helped him dispose of his oranges (in to our tummies) to make way for the crate loads he was intending to bring back the following weekend- just doing our bit to help…

You couldn’t get anything more fresh and sweet if you tried. We hand-squeezed them, added no sugar, no flavour, nada (nothing) and it was without a doubt the best orange juice I have tasted. So I guess the lesson learned is home-grown is always the best! Gracias Juan! 

We were very keen to go with Juan to pick his oranges whilst here in Tarifa again this summer, so we could experience the whole process ourselves. However, unfortunately it is not orange picking season here in Spain, so I guess we’ll have to wait for Sevilla’s famous oranges when we visit in September and for now make do with our lemon tree on the terrace!