One of my favourite things to do when abroad is to pop out for a late morning breakfast or coffee accompanied by friends, a newspaper or a book. I am not a huge fan of your everyday breakfast regulars at home, but I do love the experience of getting the cogs turning amongst others who are preparing for their day ahead

Here in Tarifa, with the kite surfing culture taking up the afternoon agenda, the thing to do seems to be desayunar (literally: to breakfast!). The buzzing European traveller-town’s white Moorish buildings host countless cafes, each with their own charm. Whether they be chic and trendy or a local rustic back street bar, they all have their quirks and specialities. Gala and I have decided to take ourselves on a weekly breakfast outing to experience the variety first hand

My absolute favourite so far is the Andalucian Cafe Azul, serving desayunos con encanto (charming breakfasts) all day to a healthy mixture of tourists, travellers and locals of all nationalities. Although it is very popular, it has not been tarnished by the tourist influx, and it has managed to maintain an authentic local ambiance, as has Tarifa itself. The last time we went we were sat next to a group of Spanish girls out for a Sex and the City style get together over some blueberry pancakes and exotic fruit bowls; yet in the corner was an Italian family whose little boy we played with. Very relaxed, very enjoyable and extremely charismatic!

Breakfasts Galore!
Buzzing breakfast haunt cafe azul

With a colourful menu of English, American, Catalan, campesino (countryman), Andalucian and even Icelandic breakfasts; we decided to have a very typical Spanish choice of pan con tomate y aceite de oliva (toasted bread with a pot of tomato, garlic and olive oil paste and your own watering can of olive oil to pour freely) washed down with fresh orange juice and cafe con leche(the owners are Italian, so perfectly created!) We will be a little more adventurous next time, but this combination is so yummy and evokes memories of my year living abroad.

When we all inevitably end up in London, our eight housemates from university are going to continue this breakfast gathering ritual, trying a different haunt in a different borough every month! Any recommendations??