We went to pay our amigo a visit the other day to be greeted by a carpet of huge green peppers!  When inquiring as to what on earth was going on we discovered that two of our friends have an allotment up in the hills surrounding Tarifa. They were dividing the peppers in to bags for all the local friends, which apparently included us! Lucky guirris!
After intently watching the process and chatting a while, we were about to leave and thanked them, very satisfied with our bag of peppers. ‘pero no‘, they said, ‘hay mas!‘ (there’s more) pulling out another huge sack which they emptied on to the already large pile, adding all sorts of colours to the green mass. Tomatoes, courgettes, more peppers and best of all aubergines. We eat a lot of aubergines here in Spain, where they are much more tasty and larger. However these home grown ones were something else! A vibrant purple colour, much lighter than others and when we fried them up later the freshness and difference in the intensity of flavour was amazing. I would try to describe, but saying just very auberginey doesn’t quite do them justice!

Spanish aubergine as fresh as can be

So we all parted ways with our sacks of vegetables in hand: no need for our supermarket trip, or at least for vegetables. So, any ideas for recipes with green peppers?! We have 9!

Freshly dividing from the allotment
Carpet of green peppers