Dulce de leche in a plate
Dulce de leche in a plate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the early hours of this morning I found myself in the most bizarre situation imaginable to be given cookery advice. I was walking back from a club in Tarifa at 7am with my friend’s Spanish Mama, and we came across a wandering Argentinian who just so happened to be a cook at one of the local chiringuitos (beach bar). Mama Polanco took this opportunity to ask how to make real Dulce de Leche the Argentinian way. From his strong Argentinian accent (very different from Spanish) what I understood was the following:

1 kilo of sugar, 4 litres of milk, a table-spoon of baking soda

Bring the milk to the boil, add the other ingredients and whisk until sugar dissolves, then put on low heat and cook for 4/5 hours, constantly stirring!! Obviously this is quite impossible unless you have this length of time to stand over a pan, but stirring every half an hour for a few minutes will suffice I would say.

The mixture will eventually turn in to a yummy caramelised sticky sauce, thick enough so it does not run off the spoon. And there we go: it may be time-consuming, but it is very easy!

Once your batch is prepared, store to bring out for pancake fillings, a delicious ice cream topping (Haagen Daz do an extremely  good one!) or just to dip into occasionally with a spoon (the best way!)

So, there we go, post night out cookery advice from an authentic Argentinian!