In Tarifa we met some friends of our very good university friend. When they found out about our food and wine tour and that I was writing a food blog, they apparently decided that they would like to be featured. The result was as follows..

So, we decided that we would like to have an evening picnic in the sunset on the beach. We sent the boys off to surprise us with their choice of feast, with their only criteria being ‘no eggs and no onion.’ The boys being massive jokers, we had no clue what to expect, and when they called us up very excited telling us they had put together an amazing feast, we were rather sceptical, thinking they would turn up with an egg, an onion and nothing else. But no, they really had gone to town and even asked the supermarket attendants which meats to get etc.

When it came down to it, due to Spanish time keeping, the sunset picnic turned out to be a picnic in the dark. However we were all adamant that we wanted to eat on the beach and thus wandered around trying to find a nice spot. Eventually, we went right to the shore where you often receive a text saying ‘welcome to Morocco,’ and used the light coming across the water from the neighbouring continent. So it was practically a picnic in Africa!

Toni-I-ight we are young!


This dinner consisted of a homemade 5 litre bottle of tinto de verano (red wine mixed with lemon and fanta), bread rolls, asparagus, olives and large slabs of cheese and various meats. With the aim of getting proper, good quality meat, the boys decided to skip pre-sliced plastic. A nice idea (it was extremely tasty!), yet not so practical. So, we found ourselves on the shore of the beach, in the dark, with a damp towel to sit on, cutting meat with a pen knife and using bread as a chopping board. It must have been quite the sight to any onlooker, but it was so much fun, a hilarious experience and definitely a story to tell!

Thanks for the effort boys and here’s your feature; we had great fun! 🙂