Our last supper in Tarifa could not have been more fitting. This town, as previously described, is a land of wind which seems to have taken on the ‘I go where the wind takes me’ attitude; one that is carefree and extremely chilled. Alongside this ‘hippy’ way of life often comes a keen desire to preserve the planet and for an extremely healthy and organic lifestyle. Therefore this little gem of an eatery, the vegetarian restaurant ‘Chilimosa’, fits right in. When stepping inside it is like stepping in to a tiny home kitchen, jam-packed with pans and utensils, teas, culinary literature and all sorts. The premises are tiny and cosy, with only four tables and an open kitchen where you can watch the great care and attention to detail that goes in to the cooking.

Gala right at home amongst the organic cooking!

The two ladies went about their work as if it wasan art form, and written in chalk above the kitchen is ‘we cook with love and not speed! Thanks for your patience!’ Everything about it was so special and homely, especially the food. We ordered a vegetarian curry and falafel with pitta and homemade hummus. Now, having grown up with a family in the meat manufacturing business, vegetarian dishes always seem lacking in something and rather baffling. However the way they used the flavours was very clever and inventive, using a  lot of imagination. The curry was coconutty and zesty and I was completely unaware of the lack of meat. Gala, having been brought up in Totnes in England, felt right at home with the inclusion of ingredients such as tofu, gluten-free and organic goods.

Home-cooked food in a cosy cubbyhole

The following day we went back for tea and cake just before catching the bus. I went for a chocolate brownie and ‘summer nights’ tea which was fruity and warming and the perfect way to say goodbye to a town that we have grown to love and that will be sorely missed.

Tarifa, hasta luego, it’s been a pleasure! I would recommend this town full of character, charming little streets and quirky people to anyone, for a holiday break with an edge!