I am currently on an overnight bus to Valencia, and have some incredible experiences to write about including chilling with the oranges in Sevilla, exotic Arabic tastings in Granada and wandering among the olive groves in the Jaén region.

These I will publish shortly. However, for now, I would like to put the organic, gourmet and cultural experiences to one side and make a short and sweet tribute to my favourite Spanish refresco (soft drink) : Aquarius! This surprisingly non-fizzy drink has got me through many a hard time on my travels in providing, like its name suggests, a source of rehydration. Whether it be curing a fuzzy head after getting carried away with a wine tasting, as a pick me up on arrival in a new exciting place after a long journey, or simply to enjoy alongside a meal to help top up salts and sugars ready for the foodie explorations ahead; this trusty can is my hydration hero!

I am pretty sure this drink is still unavailable to buy in UK supermarkets, which quite frankly baffles me. However if I am mistaken, please enlighten me so I do not lug back crates full on my return…

The Aquarius Crew in Ronda