As we only had a one meal slot in Segovia and chose the cochinillo as it was the most typical, we still had plenty of other baby roasts to taste before leaving the Castilla region. Therefore our first mission when arriving in Salamanca was to search for an asador. This was not as easy as we thought it would be because, due to our constant moving around, we have lost track of the days of the week. Thus when leaving the house that morning we did not dress appropriately for what we later realised was a Saturday lunchtime. This is a special occasion in Spain when local families and friends dress up to eat out all together and spend the afternoon soaking up the weekend atmosphere in town. Suffice to say turning up at a locally run upmarket restaurant in shorts and t-shirts did not go down very well and apparently there was ‘no room at the inn’ (a nice way of saying we didn’t look suitable).

Luckily we were prepared with another recommendation of Hoja 21, a smart restaurant where we were warmly welcomed and did not hesitate to order milk fed baby lamb’s leg and baby goat, both in their own sauce. We took our time savouring the tender and succulent meat and crispy skin, our first relaxed lunchtime meal. We decided that we may as well go all out and order a special chocolate melt in the middle pudding whilst we were at it… Perfect way to end a delicious meal!

Another city, another house of jamón!
Chocolate Heaven