My travelling companion Gala spent last summer as an au pair in the town of Vigo in Galicia. My first time in this region has really confirmed what everyone says about this part of Spain being distinct from any other: the arid olive-tree lined plains of stereotypical Spain make way for a green land of thick forest and rocky coastlines broken up by inlets known as rías and dotted with tiny fishing villages.


Our time in this green and pleasant land was spent with two Spanish families, therefore we were treated to a typical Sunday experience centred around eating. A huge lunch of chicken and rice was prepared, followed by a family walk around a nearby castle perched up on the jagged rocks, waves crashing fiercely below us. The landscapes are somewhat similar to Scotland, this connection confirmed by cultural ties of Celtic dancing and the regional language influences. Then it was back to the house where another magnificent spread was laid out, including the famous Pimientos de Padrón (Herban Peppers).

Sunday Spread and the little un of the family!
Guess which one will pica…