A sunny Saturday morning took us to the fishing village of Sète. This town may be small, but boy it brings in a lot… around 800 lots per hour at the wholesale fish market. The local population is therefore very specific and we bathed in this ambiance over a cup of coffee and a Madeleine. This French ritual took me back to French cultural studies at university when Marcel Proust describes the event of involuntary memory taking him back to his childhood. Funnily enough, this was the anecdote I described in my very first blog post. Looking back on what I have done, where I have been and everything that I have tasted in the last six months is rather overwhelming!

Reminiscing over Madeleine’s

Anyway, back to the present in a little bar called ‘Au Bout de la Rue‘ (at the end of the street) in the South of France, sharing our morning coffee with local fishermen… some very quirky characters with berets, waders and long moustaches in abundance! We soaked up the sun and the atmosphere before moving on to a specialist biscuit shop with sweet and savoury varieties. We chose a selection of lemon, caramel, cinnamon, provençal herbs, cumin, olive, piment d’espelette, Roquefort and sesame. Delighted with our purchases, we headed onwards again to try some local cuisine specialities in a restaurant on the harbour.

Overwhelming Variety of Biscuits!
Filling our Baskets with Biscuits!
Soaking up the Sun with the Fishermen

The starter was a Tielle, a thick pastry encasing a tuna, octopus and sweet tomato filling. This was followed by a Bourride which is a local take on fish pie with monkfish and aioli apparently good enough for Greek Gods according to local legend! It was rather delicious! Tummies filled, we left the town to head North feeling extremely satisfied!