Anyone who is currently living in London and who dabbles in the restaurant scene of the city should understand the title of this piece. If not, it’s no complicated concept, just that burgers are EVERYWHERE. Due to the recent food trend of upmarket fast food, burger joints of all kinds are popping up all over the shop. Some literally, in the form of a ‘pop-up’ temporary location that will be gone quicker than you can say ‘fast-food’, others establishing themselves as a permanent venture even though it may be in a shack out the back of another restaurant (Dirty Burger!).

A Sickly Sweet Burger at Tickets, Barcelona
A Sickly Sweet Burger at Tickets, Barcelona

Let’s delve into this trend a bit more.. after a year or two of depressing recession the UK’s population have migrated towards two areas of what they want on their plates. The first is healthy eating without dieting (looking after ourselves more and knowing more about the origins and nutrition of what we are eating) and the second is good quality yet great value comfort food. This means that chickens are back on the rotisserie, milkshakes are being whipped up by the minute and burgers are BACK (cue farmyard animals up and down the country to squirm).

Last week my plan was to head to three burger joints… Dirty Burger, Patty & Bun and Meat Liquor. As it turned out, due to an amalgamation of reasons, none were ticked off (though the latter came close as my friend and I hopelessly queued on Monday evening before deciding our hungry tummies couldn’t handle another half hour!). However they shall all be visited and are in the diary over the next couple of weeks after which I will be sure to write an attempt of a comparison!

I love the no-fuss, unpretentious surroundings that going for a burger involves and you’re always guaranteed to leave feeling perfectly satisfied unlike some tiny portions of fine dining. Though there is one catch (as there always seems to be.. ).. You can’t book. Thus queues are inevitable, as we discovered on Monday night before eventually giving up.

So next week off I shall trot on my brave quest around London to fight the queues and get my burger! Watch this space..