At the London Coffee Festival a month or so ago a delightful girl bounded over asking if I would like to try their latest product offerings. Not one to turn down the chance to taste something new I followed her to the stand of The Collective Dairy. I was offered a sample of their most popular passion fruit yoghurt. I am not a huge fan of yoghurt in general, but passion fruit is one of my ultimate favourite flavours, so I grabbed a spoon. The little pot was full of the most dreamy creamy sweet yoghurt I have yet come across, with the passion fruit pips cutting through the thickness with their slight tang and crunch. The consistency was divine- thick and smooth, reminiscent of one of my favourite textures found in clotted cream! The fun, tongue in cheek company sparked off in New Zealand with the passion to provide the world with ‘the greatest dairy imaginable.. no bull!” And it has made it’s way all the way across the world, so they must be doing something right!

Passion Fruit Yoghurt... Pull up a Spoon!
Passion Fruit Yoghurt… Pull up a Spoon!

I somehow temporarily forgot about this delicious find that I had vowed to buy the day following my first taste. This made the delight in discovering it again in Waitrose last week all the better. £2.39 buys you a sizeable pot from which a spoonful has been forced in front of the faces of many housemates and friends with the standard phrase “try this, it’s the best thing ever!” (this action is a regular occurrence, other desserts of note that have been subject to this are the much loved Speculoos spread and M&S Salted Caramel Billionaire Shortbread). All agreed that my enthusiasm had good grounding (with all three products actually!) and I guess this short post is a more accessible way of spreading the deliciousness, I wish I could treat you all to a spoon!

Someone offering you a spoonful of something delicious and new is never going to go down badly, so I encourage you all to spread the joy and, well, pull up a spoon!

Other desserts that are perfect for spooning:
tiramisu: or four…
M&S Billionaire shortbread pots, so delicious!
clotted cream: …on its own… Is that bad?!
– this Russian Fudge variety of the Dairy Collective Yoghurt looks extremely tempting too