When it comes to hot drinks, particularly coffee, everyone knows just what they like. On countless occasions I have sat in shame while my parents describe their particularities to waitresses across the world.

To my mum’s dismay, few people know what a proper macchiato is, so she reels off the now familiar order of “single espresso in an espresso cup with froth on the top and a sprinkle of chocolate” and dad’s “double espresso in a large cup with hot milk on the side“. Complain I may, but they know what they like and I found myself doing the exact same thing this weekend at my favourite hot chocolate place that I have so far come across in the whole world.. Chandos in Bath (12 George Street).

After spending four of the happiest years of my life studying in beautiful Bath, the love affair was rekindled for a weekend and Chandos hot chocolate did not let me down. This time my “hot chocolate with extra chocolate flakes” was accompanied by a deliciously crispy chorizo sausage roll in a newly renovated space. Simply divine!

The Ultimate Hot Chocolate Accompanied by Chorizo Sausage Rolls at Chandos
The Ultimate Hot Chocolate Accompanied by Chorizo Sausage Rolls at Chandos

If I order a hot chocolate and someone serves me a mug of watery liquid that is neither frothy nor authentically chocolatey, I am disappointed to say the least! To add to this I now drink coffee thus I can comprehend that this little fix really should be perfect and a truly committed establishment should strive to fulfil their clientele’s individual requests. Safe to say that when we visited the highly acclaimed Colonna & Small‘s (6 Chapel Row), a coffee house new to Bath since my departure, the barista not only fulfilled our requests but recommended one of the three beans according to our individual tastes. The tasting notes even catered to the subtle variations served with and without milk.

Coffee Perfection in a Tiny Cup at Colonna & Small's
Coffee Perfection in a Tiny Cup at Colonna & Small’s
Each One of us Having Our Own Goldilocks Moment in Colonna & Small's
Each One of us Having Our Own Goldilocks Moment in Colonna & Small’s

I can’t possibly speak of Bath’s coffee shops without mentioning Society Cafe (Kingsmead Square) which quickly became a favourite towards the end of my studies – they always remember your preferred drink and serve it with a smile.

The final hot drink episode of note during my stay in the golden city of Bath was sitting at the window watching the Bath fireworks in the cosy shelter of my dear friend’s home while the rain pounded down outside. Feeling very pleased with ourselves that we had the best view in Bath, we smugly sipped on our Bailey’s and hot chocolate. This is one of my favourite combinations of two of my preferred drinks that I first came across in another of my favourite cafés in the world, Café Atelier in the Loire Valley. But this opens up another whole array of favourite hot drink haunts in France, so I will leave it here in my own Goldilocks moment at the window of a beautiful Bath house looking out onto my favourite city of gold… how’s that for a corny ending!

A Cosy Shelter for Fireworks Night
A Cosy Shelter for Fireworks Night