It’s always nice to get something extra with your food, especially when it involves meeting characters who share insight into their culture. I recently discovered the best naan bread in London when I was least expecting to do so…

At the weekend I visited a friend in Finsbury Park and decided to make the most of the less than frequent opportunity of being in this Turkish area to grab some grub on route. Blackstock Road is brimming with Turkish food joints, and all very tempting! Leziz was the recommendation from my friend with local knowledge, so I popped in to pick up one of their Gozleme displayed in the window. This Turkish snack is similar to a crepe with a variety of savoury fillings. I went for spinach and cheese warmed through, for a gooey and tasty centre to a light and crispy outer shell. Whilst the owner poured me a Turkish tea from the teapot on the counter he spoke of his birthplace, Istanbul. I have wanted to visit this city jam-packed with life and vibrancy for a long while and he gave me some recommendations for my visit. He also told me, in the same manner of hushed intensity that one would tell a well kept secret, a Turkish legend about a photograph on the wall…

Maidens Tower appears to have been haphazardly placed in the middle of the sea off Istanbul’s coast. My storyteller described how a sultan built this tower to protect his daughter from a snake bite, following a prophecy that this bite would kill her on her eighteenth birthday. But, alas! the snake managed to sneak in anyway and the poor princess died in her father’s arms… Thank you, kind sir, for this morbid Sunday tea-time tale!

Retracing my footsteps on the path home, the window of 51A caught my eye and I could not resist entering. This door had to offer an array of Turkish naans, which the chap behind the counter was freshly retrieving from the kiln: impeccable timing for me! I chose the most exotic in appearance which happened to be sprinkled with Za’atar, one of my favourite spice blends. Along with a touch of sesame and a generous helping of olive oil this was a divine Sunday evening treat. Never again will I be able to bypass this door on my walk down Blackstock Road, the best naan bread in London!

Turkish Naan Fresh From The Kiln
Turkish Naan Fresh From The Kiln