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April 2014

Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?!

Over the past four days, since my arrival in Placencia, Belize, I have eaten more cookies than the cookie monster himself could possibly manage. It is a good job we are moving on as if not I would have turned in to one giant cookie and not managed to get back into the tiny plane that brought us to this peninsula. As nice a place this would be to be marooned, eating cookies forever after; I think I quite like my life in England after all, so I will pass. Continue reading “Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?!”


Where to eat in Belize: Brenda’s Belizean Chicken

When searching where to eat in Belize, I found many great restaurants and cafes. However this great Belizean food shack was a lucky find that I happened to stumble upon in one of the island’s fishing villages, Placencia. Continue reading “Where to eat in Belize: Brenda’s Belizean Chicken”

John the Bakerman: A Creole Bakery in Belize

I stumble upon John the Bakerman’s tiny bakery shack in Placencia, Belize, while staying at Francis Ford Coppola’s Turtle Inn. Continue reading “John the Bakerman: A Creole Bakery in Belize”

Un Belize-able Encounters

A nine-hour plane journey, an overnight stop off in our favourite South Beach, Miami for cocktails at The Delano; 2 hours onward flight to Belize City, followed by a half hour wobble through the sky in a tiny tin-can plane over jungle and blue seas, landing and taking off twice to drop fellow passengers off on the way… This is the journey that has transported me from my office job in London to the Creole seaside village of Placencia, Belize. Continue reading “Un Belize-able Encounters”

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