Last night I visited the weekend Street Food festival that calls itself Street Feast and calls home Dalston Yard. I love street food and it was fascinating to see the display of different cuisines being carefully stuffed into buns… pulled pork, duck, Indian food, even lobster.

After making a bee line to the hidden Gin Store corner, we wandered around the roofless-yet-charming warehouse; fragrant Citadelle gin and Fever Tree Elderflower tonic in hand. Each nook and cranny was shelter to a different street food vendor, the majority of which seeming to have a commonality of the humble bun… brioche buns, sesame buns, steamed buns, fried buns… you name it!

First up was Rola Wala’s mini naan bread (let’s call this an Indian open bun for the sake of this post!) where I chose the beetroot, coconut and paneer daal topping. I am rarely one to opt for a vegetarian dish, however this was their signature topping and seemed more creatively assembled than their meat alternatives. So much contrast in colour, flavour and texture worked extremely well on the tiny circle of naan that Rola Wala’s team were working with… great job!

Rola Wala's Veggie Topped Naans
Rola Wala’s Veggie Topped Naans

Onwards to seafood at the highly acclaimed B.O.B.’s Lobster. As I knew I wanted to try a fair few places, I went for the mini lobster roll. After seeing the gent in front of me receive his regular sized lobster brioche, I was somewhat underwhelmed when my tiny ball of brioche was carefully placed into my hands. However, every bite was completely worth it; a generous amount of meat encased in a fried brioche roll. It was buttery, it was sweet and it was just on the right side of the taste of the sea. So there we go… B.O.B.’s your lobster!

B.O.B.'s your Lobster!
B.O.B.’s your Lobster!

Strategically (not at all coincidentally…) working myself up to the meat course, my friend and I then halved a duck confit bun from Le Bun. We watched the step-by-step process in fascination and great anticipation… brioche bun, a slathering of buttery béarnaise spread, melt-in-the-mouth pulled confit duck, topped off with house slaw, delicately crunchy straw frites and a dash of duck sauce. The layers of texture of that sweet soft duck, the slightly crunchy marinaded slaw and the crispy straws of humble potato were a dream combination!!

Layering Le Duck Buns!
Layering Le Duck Buns!

Finally we headed to Yum Bun for an Asian take on the bun; sweet milky pillows encased a slow-roasted pork belly and hoisin sauce, or crisp-coated prawn bites with a green chilli kick. Of course, we opted for both and I kept alternating between bites of the two as I just could not make up my mind which I wanted to savour the most.

Yum Bun Pillows of Asian Flavours
Yum Bun Pillows of Asian Flavours

The four glorious bun courses were washed down with the ultimate brownie, densely-packed with oreo, salted caramel, cookie, chocolate layers of rich gluttony.

One of the best evenings spent in ages, I have never enjoyed the contents of a roofless warehouse more! Hail London street food and the mighty bun!