Delicious fusion food and fascinating acquaintances made at Uyen Luu’s Vietnamese supper club in central London.

Supper clubs are the best way to taste what Londoners are cooking, whether they’re British, European or from further afield.  This communal dining experience is usually reserved for East Londoners, but we were delighted when Uyen Luu, author of The Vietnamese Kitchen, decided to host her Vietnamese supper club at Carousel in Marylebone in Central London.

Uyen Luu's Vietnamese supper clubWonderful host staff, long wooden tables with no fussy frills, and fascinating company made this supper club a great evening.

The food was exceptional and full of fragrance with such attention to detail. The congee, a rice soup destined for the sick and young babies in Vietnam, was given a grown-up twist with delicate toppings such as sprout top and pork floss – so many textures in one tiny bowl!

The highlight for me was the seared tuna with crushed salty chips and wasabi mayo. This dish epitomised the Vietnamese-British fusion cooking of Uyen Luu, giving us an Asian upgrade to classic fish and chips. Beautiful tuna that melted in the mouth and some of the best chips I have ever eaten, like the best part of a crispy golden roast potato.

Uyen Luu Vietnamese SUpper ClubDessert was intriguing… my neighbours and I all tried the avocado and coconut ice cream cake reluctantly. It took us until the very last mouthful to decide that we did like it, the lime curd setting the dish off perfectly. We agreed that it would be refreshing on a really hot day.

When going out for Vietnamese food I am accustomed to summer rolls and pho, but Uyen Luu’s supper club, with its clever twists and delicate details, gave us an insight into an innovative take on traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Book now to share your table with famous chefs, film industry legends and more; you never know who you may meet at a Vietnamese supper club…

Uyen Luu hosts regular supper clubs in her home in Hackney, book here.

Vietnamese supper club pho