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December 2015

Cafes in Kreuzberg, Berlin

Berlin is the creative capital of Germany, and twenty-and-thirty–somethings are flocking en masse to the city’s trendy brunch spots, Aussie-inspired coffee shops and Asian fusion restaurants. Every street in edgy Kreuzberg and smarter Mitte is brimming with foodie haunts, and I have 36 hours to pack in as many as possible. Continue reading “Cafes in Kreuzberg, Berlin”


The best places to eat and drink in Copenhagen: Day Two

The beauty of staying in an air bnb is we get to kid ourselves (just for a short while) that we’re cool enough to live in a flawlessly decked out apartment in Vestebro. I listen to live jazz fluttering up from the bar downstairs while stroking our nonchalant cat and think, yep, in this pretend life that I’m living, I’ve totally made it. We also get great insider knowledge re: the best local hangouts. A hop, skip and a jump from ‘our’ apartment, past the giant leopard mural (and no, I’ve not been on the green stuff from colourful, hippie Christiana), is Dyrehaven. Continue reading “The best places to eat and drink in Copenhagen: Day Two”

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