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The best places to eat and drink on Tobago

We weave our way through the car park of Scarborough Market in Tobago, dodging a man donning a giant beehive beanie selling green bananas from the back of his truck, another precariously dangling live blue crabs from a large stick to flog to passing vehicles, and a gleaming white, flower-adorned car with the words “elegant #1” clearly introducing the two elderly ladies in the front seats.

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A journey through tea country, Sri Lanka

A journey through tea country in Sri Lanka – on the train from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya, meeting tea pluckers and their children, and a tour of a working tea factory.

We hop on the rickety blue train from Kandy and wind up and up through a sea of luscious green hills, each wave of tea plants so uniform it could have been stitched on Continue reading “A journey through tea country, Sri Lanka”

A foodie road trip in Ryedale, Yorkshire

We’re leaning as far forward as physically possible, wishing we hadn’t indulged in that extra Fat Rascal at Betty’s or the additional five small plates at Skosh the day before, and patting the dashboard of my tiny blue car in encouragement as we crawl up the steep road at Sutton Bank in the North Yorkshire Moors…

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The best places to eat and drink in Gothenburg

Seafood certainly comes to mind when planning a trip to Sweden, and Gothenburg has plenty of it. We snack on fried herring from a food truck, brown paper bags of prawns from Feskekorka fish market and platters at the market’s iconic Restaurant Gabriel. But this city in West Sweden also has plenty of cinnamon buns and a surprising undercurrent of trendy vegetarian restaurants…  

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The best street food in Hoi An, Vietnam

I sit extremely close to the ground at a long table that dominates an alleyway in Hoi An, Vietnam. Above, hundreds of lanterns cast their warming glow onto intricate Chinese temples and Japanese teahouses, the sticky air thick with pungent fish sauce and heady aromas of fresh herbs. I’m trying not to notice the scrutiny of a young Vietnamese girl making her mind up whether to laugh or cry at Continue reading “The best street food in Hoi An, Vietnam”

The best places to eat and drink in Lisbon

“Saude!” I raise a plastic shot glass to a flat-capped, sun-weathered face to my left and knock back a shot of sweet cherry brandy in the morning sun trap of Largo de Sao Domingos tucked behind Lisbon’s grand Rossio Square Continue reading “The best places to eat and drink in Lisbon”

The best places to eat and drink in Copenhagen: Day Two

The beauty of staying in an air bnb is we get to kid ourselves (just for a short while) that we’re cool enough to live in a flawlessly decked out apartment in Vestebro. I listen to live jazz fluttering up from the bar downstairs while stroking our nonchalant cat and think, yep, in this pretend life that I’m living, I’ve totally made it. We also get great insider knowledge re: the best local hangouts. A hop, skip and a jump from ‘our’ apartment, past the giant leopard mural (and no, I’ve not been on the green stuff from colourful, hippie Christiana), is Dyrehaven. Continue reading “The best places to eat and drink in Copenhagen: Day Two”

The best places to eat and drink in Copenhagen: Day One

The streets of Copenhagen ooze Scandi-cool – tall, beautiful twentysomethings glide past on sleek bicycles, minimalist copper pieces tempt you in to interior design shops, and old scarf-clad folk walk equally chic pooches. We are here to soak up as much of the Danish lifestyle as possible, with a particular focus on the food.

A morning mooching around the streets of Vesterbro is time well spent. We wander up to Ipsen & Co and wait outside under cosy blankets next to dashing Danish boys while peering in through the huge window to eye up the best spot in the house. We eventually snuggle in to a desirable corner spot and order freshly delivered coffee Continue reading “The best places to eat and drink in Copenhagen: Day One”

Jamaica: Floyd’s Pelican Bar in the Caribbean Sea

My family waves a bumpy goodbye to the lush greenery of Blue Mountain coffee land as our truck manoeuvres the steep, winding roads back down to Kingston, and then heads west to the rugged south coast of Jamaica. We’re stopping off at (or rather, taking a 2 hour detour to!) Jake’s hotel in Treasure Beach on the way up to Montego Bay, which means we get a 350km tour of the local life of the island. We pass the best of cliché Jamaica – buzzing countryside towns, roadside jerk shacks, and kids chewing on grilled corn in the morning heat.

Jake’s (named after the owner’s pet parrot) is all we hoped it would be Continue reading “Jamaica: Floyd’s Pelican Bar in the Caribbean Sea”

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