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The best places to eat and drink in Copenhagen: Day One

The streets of Copenhagen ooze Scandi-cool – tall, beautiful twentysomethings glide past on sleek bicycles, minimalist copper pieces tempt you in to interior design shops, and old scarf-clad folk walk equally chic pooches. We are here to soak up as much of the Danish lifestyle as possible, with a particular focus on the food.

A morning mooching around the streets of Vesterbro is time well spent. We wander up to Ipsen & Co and wait outside under cosy blankets next to dashing Danish boys while peering in through the huge window to eye up the best spot in the house. We eventually snuggle in to a desirable corner spot and order freshly delivered coffee Continue reading “The best places to eat and drink in Copenhagen: Day One”


A tinned fish treasure hunt: Where to get the best sardines in Lisbon

A trove of tinned fish might not sound like the end of everyone’s ideal treasure hunt, but in Lisbon the beautifully packaged tins of sardines, mackerel and more are worth hunting down.

Whether you want to peruse the technicoloured packaging on display, or grab a few souvenirs to take home (careful with that hand luggage allowance!) Continue reading “A tinned fish treasure hunt: Where to get the best sardines in Lisbon”

Jamaica: Floyd’s Pelican Bar in the Caribbean Sea

My family waves a bumpy goodbye to the lush greenery of Blue Mountain coffee land as our truck manoeuvres the steep, winding roads back down to Kingston, and then heads west to the rugged south coast of Jamaica. We’re stopping off at (or rather, taking a 2 hour detour to!) Jake’s hotel in Treasure Beach on the way up to Montego Bay, which means we get a 350km tour of the local life of the island. We pass the best of cliché Jamaica – buzzing countryside towns, roadside jerk shacks, and kids chewing on grilled corn in the morning heat.

Jake’s (named after the owner’s pet parrot) is all we hoped it would be Continue reading “Jamaica: Floyd’s Pelican Bar in the Caribbean Sea”

Uyen Luu: The best Vietnamese supper club in London

Delicious fusion food and fascinating acquaintances made at Uyen Luu’s Vietnamese supper club in central London.

Supper clubs are the best way to taste what Londoners are cooking, whether they’re British, European or from further afield.  This communal dining experience is usually reserved for East Londoners, but we were delighted when Uyen Luu, author of The Vietnamese Kitchen, decided to host her Vietnamese supper club at Carousel in Marylebone in Central London. Continue reading “Uyen Luu: The best Vietnamese supper club in London”

Spa Terminus: London Food Market Amongst the Railway Arches

There’s nothing better than browsing a London food market for ingredients. In this case local is a somewhat loose term which involved hopping onto the tube and winding down the jubilee line to find myself south of the river in Bermondsey in search of fresh produce from the likes of Continue reading “Spa Terminus: London Food Market Amongst the Railway Arches”

Street Feast London Street Food: How many pop ups does it take to fill a bun…?

Last night I visited the weekend Street Food festival that calls itself Street Feast and calls home Dalston Yard. I love street food and it was fascinating to see the display of different cuisines being carefully stuffed into buns… pulled pork, duck, Indian food, even lobster. Continue reading “Street Feast London Street Food: How many pop ups does it take to fill a bun…?”

Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?!

Over the past four days, since my arrival in Placencia, Belize, I have eaten more cookies than the cookie monster himself could possibly manage. It is a good job we are moving on as if not I would have turned in to one giant cookie and not managed to get back into the tiny plane that brought us to this peninsula. As nice a place this would be to be marooned, eating cookies forever after; I think I quite like my life in England after all, so I will pass. Continue reading “Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?!”

Where to eat in Belize: Brenda’s Belizean Chicken

When searching where to eat in Belize, I found many great restaurants and cafes. However this great Belizean food shack was a lucky find that I happened to stumble upon in one of the island’s fishing villages, Placencia. Continue reading “Where to eat in Belize: Brenda’s Belizean Chicken”

John the Bakerman: A Creole Bakery in Belize

I stumble upon John the Bakerman’s tiny bakery shack in Placencia, Belize, while staying at Francis Ford Coppola’s Turtle Inn. Continue reading “John the Bakerman: A Creole Bakery in Belize”

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